Welcome to Carol Caldwell Ministries

Welcome to Carol Caldwell Ministries! CCM extends teaching and touching lives in churches, shelters, transitional facilities throughout Detroit, Michigan. This is accomplished through conferences, workshops, seminars and various outreach and mission ventures. As a minister of the gospel and often guest speaker, CCM'S evangelistic reach has extended to various cities within the United States and Canada.

We invite you to learn more about CCM and Carol's Powerful New Book!

About Dr. Carol Caldwell

Carol Caldwell is an anointed woman of God who believes that the word of God is true and is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes. As a teacher of the gospel, her life is an open book demonstrating the beauty of holiness. God has blessed her with the ability to handle God's word with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, simplicity and power. As she teaches, the power of God changes lives as burdens are removed and yokes are destroyed. Carol also has desire for Evangelism.

Carol is married to her childhood sweetheart, Apostle Lennell D. Caldwell of First Baptist World Changers International Ministries.

The Vision

The vision of Carol Caldwell Ministries is to change the lives of hurting people throughout the world with various ministries and services.

Women’s Transitional Living

One of the current ministry endeavors of CCM is to establish a women’s transitional living home in Detroit, Mi. This home will assist women and children of domestic violence seeking emergency and transitional living.

This passion of Carol’s is inspired by several factors: There is an increasing rate of domestic violence in Wayne County, Michigan in which Detroit exists. Second, Carol has a passion for helping women and children and thirdly, she is a real life survivor of domestic violence from a past experience.

Carol is moving forward with the acquisition of the home which will offer many services.


We are impacting lives with the compassion and power of God's Word, but there is still much more to be done. Join us by making a donation today!

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This fascinating book will give you a great understanding of life's victories over any painful challenge. It permeates you with strategies to overcome as well as answers some of life's questions. From this book, you actually transform, be empowered and catapult into a new life!

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This book will help you:

  • Recognize your hour has come
  • Understand your pain
  • Overcome your pain
  • Turn your sorrow into joy
  • Know the great plan and destiny for your life
  • Discover your purpose
  • Go from pain to purpose
  • Understand the power of God's love
  • Move Forward
  • Forgive and forget

In this compelling book, Carol will not only share ways of recognizing your hour of greatness but how to move from pain to purpose. She shares her personal and intimate experiences in her own devistating situation, and how she transitioned into a life of purpose. Today she is a prosperous, blessed woman of God living out her destiny.